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Explore the vast plains of Caserta

Caserta, Italy is situated in the north of the Campania region. This small area is mainly residential, though is considered one of the major tourist attraction that is popular with Italians and foreigners. The province there is a number of museums in the town as well as in the Courtly Palace number. The museums in the royal palace feature one dedicated to traditional art, and sui generis. There is truly something exceptional about the Italian art, the history and culture it portrays.

That’s not so surprising as Caserta is known for its magnificent, breathtakingly and riddled with history.

Don’t forget to visit the French palace as  it has about 700 rooms, Caserta has 1,200, as well as one of the most lavish  and wealthiest parks in Europe. But the Italian palace in Caserta, attracts a little over 500,000 visitors annually.

“Once’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”- Henry Miller


The most Beautiful area in Italy

If you do decide to travel to the South side of Italy, visit Caserta as this is the perfect holiday and business hub for such an experience. The magical and exciting atmosphere is routed out as a journey into the heart of the city. The city includes art, history, culture and nature. Many value the traditional flavours that arise from this province.

Caserta is well known for its parks, reserves and many protect areas. Whereby a peaceful and serene environment welcomes all visitors to the area. History reaches every visitor as symbolic structures and information greets them on every corner. You will find Medieval villages, churches and cathedrals, architecture from the Roman era that have all witnessed the passage of ancient civilization.

The land will surprise you, as it is rich in creative individuals. You will witness an uproar of bright colours, dancing and songs within the small towns that are frequently celebrating some kind of occasion.

Taking a walk with the locals will enhance the senses, providing the visitor with a valuable legacy, which includes flavors as well as aromas that lifts the spirit and relaxes the heart of every individual.

The natural scenery, ancient structures and, of course, wonderful shopping and traditional regional cooking, will make memories to last a lifetime.

The climate is mild and ranges from the east to the west which makes Caserta a pleasurable province all year round.